Become a Member of the Apple MacBook Family

Yesterday I was converted to be a member of the Apple MacBook family since JJ gave me a MacBook Pro notebook on my birthday. As a new mac user I have a lot of questions on how to.
1. How to install Thai language support
2. How to switch language
3. The new laptop has Swedish keyboard layout. (It’s nothing to do with Mac). Now I’m forced to learn to type with Swedish keyboard layout.
4. What is a shortcut to open a new tab on Safari?
5. Can I use Firefox on mac?
6. Where is the option button?
7. What is a key to refresh a web page? Isn’t it F5?
8. Where are page up, page down, home, end buttons?
9. Where is the num pad?
10. What are signs on F5 and F6 keys for? They look like a light symbol but to adjust brightness there are another buttons.
11. Where is the print screen button?
12. What is the button under esc for?
13. Copy & Paste are not Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V

One response to “Become a Member of the Apple MacBook Family”

  1. Si says :

    1. In System Preferences -> International2. By clicking the icon at up-right corner. (After installing multiple languages)4. Command + T ( Yes ( Try Command + R. Not sure8. Does not have.9. Buy extra hardware from Apple Store10. Keyboard back-light?11. Does not have.12. Extra symbols13. Command + C & Command + VAND HAPPY BIRTHDAT<3

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