CSS, JavaScript, and YUI Library 2

Back to workaholic mode again, after successful to make web UIs out of YUI library 2. It was an overwhelming feeling again. I get a lot of fun to get up and think about my work, what I should use to build a web page, how I can improve my implementation, how to get a better performance. Over last two weeks I have been studying different classic web technologies, CSS, JavaScript, and different widgets from YUI library 2. 
It was a lot of fun with CSS. With the help of CSS, I can use basic html elements like <ul>, <li> as a build block to make web interfaces fancier. In fact, this kind of techniques are out there for many years back but I just discover how people do it. And it gave me lots of fun to play around with it.
JavaScript, a prototypal, class-free, object-oriented language. Someone might know js quite well but for me I can say I know it very little until two weeks ago. I’m not saying i’m a js expert now but I know and can use it better. And it’s fun to program with js. Actually, I think everything could be fun once you’re familiar and able to customize, twist, modify, change or whatever to increase useability of your tools.
Last but not least YUI library 2. I found it a very useful js library. And it’s totally free. The best part of using YUI is it has very good documentation and tons of useful examples. Another strong point of YUI library is it’s got real developers who are using the library to build web pages. So I think YUI will be around.
These kinds of things make me feel differently. Nowadays I don’t get up and go to work. I rather go out and being fun with what I’m doing. This definitely improves my everyday life. Actually, there are more things I’ve learn from recent projects at work but I will write more about them next time.
Enjoy working (playing)!!!
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