Avatar 3D with My Valentine

It’s a regular Sunday. I got up early in the morning and that’s usual. I started my day by reading float tutorial on css. With css, I can do a lot more than I think and I might be able to do something fun on my blog. JJ was still in bed. I started to lose focus on what I was doing. So I switched to watch a movie, Whiteout. After 10 mins, JJ woked up and asked about time. I told him I was getting bored to stay inside. So, we left the apartment 15 mins later.
We arrived in a football field in Östermalms and ice skating begun. Too bad the renting place didn’t have the same kind of skating gears as they have in Norrviken. I was worried about my skates all the time that I was gonna fall. It didn’t feel comfortable at all. However, we went together for 4 rounds and I could go faster than before. We played for an hour.
We had about half an hour to get ourselves full. Then we headed to a theater on Kungsgatan. It would be my first time in a movie theater outside Thailand. Maybe this part made today special. So, JJ’d got tickets for Avatar 3D. We were in a queue to get tickets, then popcorn and coke. The queue for popcorn was crazily long, but JJ insisted to get one.
When we got into the theater, it passed start time but the movie didn’t started yet. So, we had time to adjusted our seats. Now I’d gotta try the 3D glasses. Oh it was my first time to watch a 3D movie, too.  
During the movie, third forth of the movie length I had to hold my 3D glasses so it stayed on my glasses. This part was not fun at all. Then I had only one hand to enjoy popcorn. However, the 3D glasses let me enjoy the last quarter of the movie without me holding them.
When we got out of the theater I felt my day (weekend) had finished. It’s getting dark. Huhhh! Nowadays, days were too short. But it might not be the same during the week.
When we got home, JJ went to fix motor oil in his car. Then we went together to pick up last bag from my room.
And now, it’s just what I need, I just remember we forgot my suits. -_-! So, I have to drop by one extra time.
 (Someone threw a ticket and glasses away after the movie.)

2 responses to “Avatar 3D with My Valentine”

  1. Tinnapat says :

    sound fun 🙂

  2. Si says :

    I watched the same movie at same day at perhaps the same cinema (There are two on Kungsgatan ), and I don\’t like the salty popcorn here….

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