Andrea Bocelli till Sverige

Two days ago I noticed an advertisements in Metro. Andrea Bocelli’s concert in Stokcholm. The performance will be in Ericsson Globe, 20.00 April 11.
A year ago I mentioned to JJ that if he heard about Andrea’s concert let me know. I’d like to go. So I won’t miss it this time. I believe the ads just started probably this week. So I should be able to get good seats for affordable price. And it will be my first time to enjoy live performance from a world artist.
For me when I go to a concert the ticket that I look for is one in the first row of the second highest price. Then the ticket I least want is one of those in the last row of the highest price.
So first thing when I arrived in office was to check a website to book tickets. I successfully booked them in the evening. One ticket costs 1035 sek. It’s little expensive compare to some concerts but this is Andrea’s. So let forget about the price and look forward to the event. 

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