Evening activity with Linas matkasse

It was JJ’s idea to find an activity to do together. Cooking is one choice and it can be more fun when we do it together. On top of that we have food to eat. So we have tried on Linas matkasse. Good things I find out about using this service is I can try on new foods. I cook using different ingredients. Some I have never used before. In a week we have various kinds of food: fish, chicken, pork, and beef. Last week we had turkish and veal. And we eat more vegetable. There are different types of menus, for instance, quick, difficult, and vegetarian. But we need someone to know about the food otherwise it could be difficult to imagine how the food looks like when it’s done. And, we need to have some cooking tools at home. Otherwise, it might be difficult and take time to make some dishes. Besides, it doesn’t give us all ingredients used in the menu. It assumes that we have some spicies in our kitchen.
These are dishes we cooked together last week. In fact, JJ was a chef and I was his assistant.
Top left: Kikärtsbiffar i pitabröd med gurka, matyoghurt och mango chutney
Top right: Jordärtskockssoppa och matvetesallad med kalkonbröstfile
Bottom left: Persiljekryddade Wallenbergare med kokt potatis och rårörda lingon
Bottom right: Odlad torsk i ägg – och persiljesås med potatis och gröna ärter


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  1. Tinnapat says :

    น่าทานมาก 🙂

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