First visit to Uppsala

I had a chance to visit Uppsala for the first time two weeks ago. JJ and I got an invitation from his cousin who graduated from the medical school in Uppsala this year. First thing that comes to mind when mention about Uppsala is it’s a university. So, you can expect an empty city when you visit the city in summer. Buses might not operate when semester finishes. Those are what I heard about it.
First thing that I saw and realized that we arrived in Uppsala is when I was in an area of student apartments. There are at least 40 addresses (buildings). It seems all of them are student apartments. The room where JJ’s cousin (Frida) stay is quite nice and large. It’s different from student apartment in Stockholm. In some areas, the rooms are really small, about 12 sq.m. So you only get a place to sleep.
We just stayed at Frida’s apartment for ficka (coffee and snack). Then we went to the place the ceremony would take place. It was a nice hall. During the ceremony there were performance given by the medical students who graduated this year. There was one talented girl. She soloed the piano and was a conductor to a chior.
During the service, there were few music performance and speeches. But the atmosphere during the service is very relaxing compare to those in Thailand.
After the service, family went back to Frida’s apartment. Ficka, relax and talk. Frida came home later then the talk continued until before dinner.
There was a celebration in the evening that Frida had it together with another 4 friends of her. During the celebration, there were eating, drinking, singing, speeches from family and friends.
The dinner finished quite late. JJ, his mom and I left the party around midnight. I guess more people stayed few hours more to continue the party. The night before they also had a party with other classmates.
It was another new and good experience in Sweden.
(photo was taken in front of the hall where the ceremony took place) 

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