Shop shop shop

Yesterday JJ and I went to IKEA to shop a new dining table and a working table. Outside temperature was about -10c and I feel my winter jacket is not enough. Last time to be this cold was 7 years ago in Stockholm. It’s really cold and freezing. Once you get into the car you’re more freezing since the car has been parked on the street all night. What kind of country am I living in!!!?
It had some sun yesterday. But the sun here is not to give you warm in winter but rather to annoy you when you drive (ha ha). That is what Christer told me. I’m kind of agree. The sun doesn’t go up high in the sky and the light is very bright.
After the shopping, it took us some time to find the car and the car park was outdoor. Freezing -_-!.
Then we had to load what we bought into the car. It was a lot of moving and rearranging space in the car. Freezing again -_-!
Lastly, we unloaded them at JJ’s apartment. I let JJ and Christer freezing and I put myself in the building :D.

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