Christmas’s and New Year’s holidays at home

It was big refreshment to have Christmas’s and New Year’s holiday in Thailand with family. I were in Khao-Lak as a tourist in my home country. To travel as a tourist, first you pay tourist price. And I bet it is crazy. Living cost in Thailand should be fairy cheap but as a tourist it’s ridiculously expensive. It doubled and almost tripled for accommodation price. In the hotel where I stayed Thai guests are minority (1-2 persons), other Thais are staff of the hotel, the rest are mostly Europeans, few are Americans.
If you planned to have a wonderful trip, having seafood in your trip can be a very bad idea. We ordered (fresh) oyster in Bangkok. I had to mostly spend time in the hotel once we arrived in Khao-Lak as JJ still suffered from seafood that we had in BKK. Fortunately, his body managed to win in the war. We had one day to enjoy Ratchaprapa Dam in Surat Thani and one day in Similan.
Travel with an elder is another thing that you should prepare yourself for. It’s similar to travel with kids but sometimes can be more difficult. With the elder, you have more freedom with activities in your day as you can leave the elder at the hotel. Unlike kids, you have to bring them with you unless you can find someone to take care of them. However, you can not travel (move from place to place) as much as you want. Your trip is more stationary with the elder. And, you might need to please the elder from time to time; otherwise, you might run into a problem of "I am being ignorance".
One of the best time is when I stayed with my family in Prachuap Kiri Kan. But nothing is perfect. It can be too much sometimes with your own family. One problem for me is eating habit. As my sisters and I are dearest daughters and nieces of our parents and grandma, they had prepared lots of food for us. But they might sometimes forget that we are only three girls and fairy careful with our shape. Eating 4-5 meals a day can be uncomfortable to our stomach. There is another thing that I believe my grandma has never learned is we enjoy her everyday food as much as expensive food like seafood and dishes served in restaurant. Since for those we can pay for ourselves but her everyday food we can’t find it anywhere. And it is cheap, healthy, and most importantly, incredibly yummy.
The end of the trip approached. Now, it became more and more difficult to leave them. This year I really had a good time at home as everyone were together. Even though Pear came to join us late as she had to work until the last working day of the year. I found one column in a magazine that my mom has a subscription. No party has not an end. I don’t want to leave because I want the happy time to continue but it will not since after new year’s holiday my sisters will go back to their work, they will spend most time with their boyfriends not me. My parents still need to take care of their shop, And one day grandma will not sit and laugh with us. Also, I have to live my life. That’s life.
So, it’s difficult but after all it’s not too difficult to leave after reading that column. I flew back to Stockholm with JJ and his mom. My parents and Peach still sent me off at the airport but not Pear. She’d rather to sleep. This just confirm to me nothing remains the same. Life constantly changes.

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