Last night thought

I was looking at a guy who was sitting on a sofa and asked myself, "who is he?"
It has been three years now that I live in Stockholm. My first plan was to come here to study and travel in the meantime. A year ago I completed my study and successfully found a job in Stockholm. I didn’t need to hurry to go back or had a certain plan after graduation. If I would have one it would be because I have a family back there. I have a grandma who is very old and parents who are getting old. I also have lots of good friends in Thailand but more of them are creating their own family.
So, I returned to Stockholm for my job.
But, this time the reason to be here was not strong. From time to time I asked myself, "Why am I here? What do I need in my life?" Nothing is important to me if there is no-one to share with. I never dream about living in another country. So, my time to be away from home had eneded, until I found him.
Now, I have a new question to myself, "What would make a person (me) move to another country?" Permanent relocation has never been in my head. I dream to be away but never dream to leave. I like Thailand. It is not a developed country but yet a good place to live.
So, who is this guy? How much important is he that could make me leave everything in Thailand and move here? And who am I to him? Why will he share his life with me? Were we just a stranger to each other 8 months ago?
It was just last night that I feel what is happening now is not small. It can create a hugh consequence in my life.
All in all, it’s worth a try.

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