Chinese Calligraphy

It is the January winner of the Times travel photo competition. The picture was taken in the village of Tunjiao, in southwest Guizhou, China. It is a portrait of Master Weng, a 94-year-old master in his studio. It was taken by Emyr R.E. Pugh, 27-year-old, from Carmarthenshire, England, with his Canon EOS 40D.

Master Weng 94-year-old

The picture captured my attention once I saw it in Times Online. Chinese calligraphy is a fascinating form of Art. It is a mix of controlling your wrist, being master in using the brush to draw strokes, training your mind in meditation and concentration, and learning to be patient and calm. I have been fascinated about it since I was a kid. I think it started when I saw a book written in traditional Chinese characters that my mom got from her Taiwanese colleague. I hadn’t obtained a proper training until I was about 24-year-old. Yet, I joined the class only for a month and practiced to write not many strokes in Chinese characters. I would be enthralled to start to do it all again.


4 responses to “Chinese Calligraphy”

  1. Jia says :

    Wow, I didn\’t know that you were so drowned to Chinese calligraphy. Art is always amazing, isn\’t it?

  2. Nattawan says :

    Very much indeed.

  3. Si says :

    I used to learn how to draw it, and also used to join some competetion, to be honest, it is extremly difficult, then I quit, a bit shame… anyway, it\’s really beautiful I think.

  4. zhaoxu says :


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