Noise Reduction in High ISO

It’s been a long time that I didn’t update my blog. Yesterday I was very happy as I was doing my first time night photography even though the result was not fully satisfying. The photos looked very stunning in the camera’s monitor but when I opened them at home, goshhhh, almost all of them contained noise. I couldn’t view them in 1:1 ratio. So, this morning I did a small reseach and found very useful tips and informative data from Canon website.
In summary, for better result, shoot in RAW format (actually, JPEG is okay) and turn on Noise Reduction using the custom function.
Another useful function comes with the custom functions is to set your "SET" button for adjusting the flash compensation value. When you open the box the "SET" button is for changing your picture style. Personally, I rarely change the style of picture I shoot and when shooting with flash it’s pretty awkward to traverse in the menu to change the flash setting.
Everything has a reason for its existence!

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