>> Life Rewind, April 20

img_0910 It was a sunshine day in Pax. Apparently, bloom watch of cherry blossoms was popular among Thai students in Pax so we came back another day. Since I and Joe were there yesterday and P’Ya and Bee had plan to do shopping so we decided to walk separately and met in the garden later. I and Joe decided to spend time in Slussen to take photos from Gondolen bridge while P’Ya and Bee tried new items in Mango shop. Slussen, how could I miss to walk around this place or didn’t I remember? We walked up a hill behind Slussen T-stationimg_0922 . To make our shooting activity more fun, I and Joe set up subjects to shoot. I selected to shoot bicycles img_0915 img_0974 img_0979 while Joe chose to shoot signs img_0985. However, I found other interesting subjects along the way img_0982img_0987. I didn’t like time when we were shooting pictures from Gondolen bridgeimg_0957 . It was too bright. So I deleted almost all of photos of the city from one side of the bridge img_0962 img_0971 but kept all from the other sideimg_0963 img_0967 img_0969 img_0970 (the port side). We spent too much time in Slussen. It’s time to meet another two friends. We passed Sergeltorg. It is one of the most difficult subject to be creative because its photos are everywhere. But I think I do have an uncommon one img_0991. We arrived at the garden img_0993 and saw them from afarimg_0998. I felt yesterday color was better and more vivid but it was more crowded. Soon I started a hundred of pressing and releasing my shutter.img_1019img_1020img_1027img_1051img_1059(เจ้าแม่มะม่วง)img_1043img_1044img_1087img_1103 img_1136 img_1013img_1116 img_1132


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