I moved to live in this corridor in April 2007 thanks to Iris. But Iris doesn’t spend as much time as I do in this corridor. At the beginning, I didn’t enjoy using common kitchen. You know you have responsibility to clean in your week and that means you have to clean for others who are sharing the kitchen. Some are clean, some are OK, and some just likes to make the place messy and dirty. I personally don’t like cleaning, I keep my place clean and tidy but I don’t like to clean for others. At least if you don’t make it better, you should not make it worse. However, today feeling is totally different. I’m comfortable to sit and eat in the kitchen and talk to my corridor-mates thanks to my Thai friends.

I think every corridor in my building spare places for exchange students including my corridor. When some students moved out, then there are places for new students to move in. Exchange students only stay for a month, sometimes a quarter, and sometimes a year. But I still have few years to be here as far as Joe and P’Ya are here. I like some of my corridor-mates and dislike some of them. Even if I like them, I still dislike some parts of them. Nobody’s perfect is always true. And they must feel the same.

Nevertheless, there are a hundred of good stories happened while I am living here. A corridor is an amazing place. If you sit in the kitchen especially during the time that most people come to use it. You will see different styles of life. It is like you’re watching a live channel on TV. But this channel is special that you can interact with the situation.

I was looking at old photos taken in the corridor. The first person who left this corridor is Henningpicture_216. He’s such a lovely and nice German guy who has sympathy for his patients. He was a medical student at KI. He has beautiful eyes and voice. He promised Niya that he sang and played guitar for her, so one day we had a wonderful time. 

Then came the second person, Wang img_0448who finally becomes such a good friend. During first few months I didn’t like talking to him. He’s such a pessimistic person who was capable of giving bad opinions on people and everything around him. I gave up after many attempts to show world in different aspects. Then, I was afraid that I became him and saw world differently. Maybe I should think he’s talented. No-one can do what he does. But P’Ya made me know new Wang. Today he is still ‘he’ but I see him as the happiest among us all. 

Then there was a leave of the beauty, Lauraimg_1484. She’s from Paris. A very nice, smart and beautiful young lady. We named her ‘Kun-kon-suay’ in Thai meaning ‘The Beauty’. She’s tiny (in a good way) for Europeans and pretty. I like her face, her eyes, her mouth, her nose, her curly hair, most of all her smile. They just perfectly go together on her face. I like her dressing style, wearing small pieces of clothes. We played badminton together some weekends. Now, she’s living in Montreal, enjoying her new expedition, experiencing French life and culture in other parts of the world.

Soon will come another farewell dinner but let’s wait until that time. Nice meeting you all.


2 responses to “Ex-Corridor-mates”

  1. Tha says :

    Mr. Henning seems really cute :PAlso, for Laura, I\’ve viewed some of your photos and think \’she should be really tiny for European\’ because I see that she is about your size 😀

  2. Unknown says :

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