The Magic Kept Working

On Christmas eve the magic worked again. I had a wonderful time with my corridor-mates: P’Ya and Wang. We had planned weeks ago to cook something special that night. So, Wang sponsored three brands of beer (he doesn’t drink alcohol), lobster, Gravlax (marinated salmon), and smoked salmon. He went to a supermarket to buy things for that night very early. Among us, he was the most excited and enthusiastic about the dinner. Thank him. P’Ya and I were still tired and wanted to take a rest after Barcelona. After seeing him prepared a lot of things, we started to be serious about the dinner. So, we went out to buy necessary ingredients. We cooked spicy smoked salmon salad with lemon grass (ยำตะไคร้ปลาแซลมอน), marinated salmon with Romsås, fuet (Catalan thing, cured, dry sausage) served with cantaloupe and kiwi, and vegetable salad with Italian dressing. Wang was responsible for steamed lobster. Then, we dressed the table with foods & drinks and candle. When the dinner was served we took pictures and videos. I really love the moment of having good foods with good friends that you can eat, drink, talk and laugh.
When you are in a country where people celebrate Christmas, you should not be alone. On the contrary, you should spend time with friends to make and share a memorable moment. Being alone during Christmas holidays is too sad.

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