It’s a Magical Thought

I didn’t think that I paused to update my blog that long. The main reason is I was busy with my thesis. Finally I made it. It’s not what I planned but I had planned.
Two years ago when I turned to 25. In Thailand we have a belief that the 25th year of life is a significant year. It could be very good or bad year of a person. Sometimes it may cause death. But I just had a strong belief it would be a very good year for me. Big change would come that year. Then it was a very good year I got a job at TSC, becoming an accidental manager. Abundance of valueable experiences and good colleagues came from the job.
This year the magic works again after I have written in my notebook "make 2007 the best year ever". I made my first trip in Europe by myself to Paris. Surprisingly, I looked at my calendar I was in Paris during 17-23 March; I have just spent vacation in Barcelona during 17-23 December. The trip to Paris was my birthday’s present. I was in Valencia for Enterprise Interoperability course. The couse was advantageous to my thesis later on; looking around Valencia was a consequence of attending the course. I unofficially started my thesis early in May; the original plan marked the presentation day on the 4th of December; the actual presentation took place on the 7th of December. I still can’t believe that it happened. My lovely sisters could make a trip to visit me; we all had 3 weeks of memorable and wonderful time in Europe. After that I made an impossible mission possible; I had my thesis presentation in Sal C on December 7. Then, Barcelona trip was my reward after all. Being back from Barcelona, there was email saying that "the thesis course is now complete for you in Ladok [20 credits]." Before that 1.5 credits was missing so this means I have collected all of the required credits for the Master program. The rest is to apply for a degree certificate.
Today is December 23. Year 2007 has not ended yet. Let see how the magic will work for the remaining days.

One response to “It’s a Magical Thought”

  1. Qing says :

    Well done:),wish you a nice new year

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