This Month Issue from mindgym

Bad news–a monthly online magazine from mindgym is changing to a quarterly magazine. That means I have to wait for 3 months to read the next issue. This is unpleasant news to hear. However, it comes with an interesting topic again this month, Bare necessities – You can’t always get what you want? Make sure you get what you need.
"In this issue, it talks about the work of Henry Murray, who in 1938 developed a theory of personality based on needs. He identified over 20 psychogenic (psychological) needs that drive and motivate us. Four needs have been the focus of considerable research over time, namely, power, achievement, affiliation, and nurturance.
The need for power refers to the desire to control one’s environment and impact n or be in a position of influence over others. The need for achievement relates to the desire to accomplish something difficult as repidly and independently as possible, to overcome obstacles and obtain a high standard, excelling oneself and revalling and surpassing others. The need for affiliation refers to the desire to draw near and enjoyably cooperate or reciprocate with allied others, to please and win the affection of others and to adhere and reamin loyal to a friends. The need for nurturance relates to the desire to give sympathy and to gratify the needs of a helpless other or to assist others in danger or need."

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