Life in a Past Week

A feeling of accomplishment is addictive. After four-hour work and discussion, I have more energy to do thing in the evening esp. updating this blog and reading a book. It was a delightful week. I was quite busy with three different things over the week.
First, I was working at Thai Embassy, one-thousand documents had been enclosed and ready for delivery within one afternoon, after six consecutive hours of work.  
Second, earlier this week I was writing the MTI review document for Abid and Hanzala; end of the week I was writing another one for Kashif. I was very satisfied that I could follow the plan and quality of work was quite good to me. One person said do not criticize without suggestion; this time I followed what that person said.
Third, I was working with Angela (Jia) on our last report, BI 2.0: Convergence of Business Intelligence and Social Networking and Collaboration Tools. After having changed the topic, this completely drew my attention. Thanks to Tont, I had a lot of motivation on this topic.
In fact working with Jia is always delightful. I love her ambition to learn new things and finding herself in IT industry. I also love her attempt to understand, to learn, and to be better. She’s an open-minded person. And, this time is the same. We were satisfied with what we just did together, what we found out by doing research about our topic. We were very excited about the coming presentation. I, myself, was very satisfied with our work. I gained understanding on the topic. Now, I have a vision on social data analysis and applying academic knowledge in running some sort of business. I hope other ideas and such ability would come along in the future. (I will find time to write more about my report.)
I also did other activities to enjoy myself.
First, I accidentally found an article about a "spinning lady" on the Internet. It’s just a gif image of a lady spinning around counterclockwisely or clockwisely. What you see depends on which kind of person you are. If you’re a right-brained person (using your right brain more or using feeling more), you see her spins clockwisely. If you’re a left-brained person (using your left brain more or using logic more), you see her spins counterclockwisely. I was amazing with your eyes and brain. I saw her spun counterclockwisely, but after a while she spun clockwisely. Then, I could control the direction she was spinning. Then I found myself as a majority minority among minority majority. It says most of people see counterclockwise but after I asked some of my friends they saw only clockwise. Don’t think I was fooled by the imange. I had thought of that but it was proved that it’s solely because of your brain. Two persons looked at the same image at the same time and they gave two different answers.
Second, it was very nice to be among friends. Now I was playing badminton with them every Saturday afternoon. It was very good of having sweat came through your skin. My skill was improved a bit, I guessed. (I’m finding time to write more about this group, there are lots of funny stories.)
Third, it was my first time that I had a strong feeling about books talking to me. I tried to use 300-krona voucher at Akademibokhandeln for many weeks so I went to shopping for books today. I had no book in mind, just looked on the shelf, also I had to look for a discount sign buy 4 pay 3. So, I looked around. First I started at a shelf of English novels. There was a book that I’d like to read. But today I noticed that it had many books from the same author. Anyway, I didn’t buy any of them. I’m always more interested in reading non-fictions. So, I continued to another shelf next to the first one. I knew my quota was 4 books. The first book that came to my attention was about physics, the Elegant Universe. It was talking about the string theory, superstrings, hidden dimentions, those stuff. The book was intended to be able to understand by non-scientists. So, I think it’s readable for me. The second book that caught my attention was about economics, the Undercover Economist. The book would help you to see the world like an economist. The third book, I had to say that it was the first book that I strongly felt it was the book that talked to me. Everything on the front cover talked to me. I suddenly fell in love. It was the picture. It was the color of the picture. It was the name of the book, Istanbul Memories of a City. It was the comments, ‘a declaration of love’ and ‘an irresistibly seductive book’. An old cliche says do not judge the book from its cover, but I have to say I know I’m gonna love this book. I read few pages before buying, of course, and I still wanted to read it tonight. And, this book I got for free, and it’s the highest price :). I had to buy 4 books according to the promotion. So, I chose the last one. This one it was on the list of my interesting books. Since the book was mentioned a lot, I also wanted to know what are ideas the author proposed. The last book was the God Delusion. I asked myself what my interests are; what my favorite types of books are. I just bought four different types of books
Now, it’s time for me to enjoy Istanbul Memories of a City. It was a very productive and rewarding week after all.

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