Life with a Thesis #13: Draft of Chapter 1 Approved

It has been a month that I didn’t update a blog about my thesis. Last time was on 9/11. This must be a coincident that I always get number 13 in my special event. This blog I’d like to write about my first accomplishment in my work. Vandana passed a draft of chapter 1 on Monday (Oct 8). I and my colleagues, who are working in the same meeting group, started writing the draft of chapter 1 around mid August. We’re supposed to finish it and have it cirulate among us by the end of September. We all were late. And I didn’t like that. I rewrote it for 3 times (I noticed that the approved version was v1.8) and everytime I completely changed background, beneficiary groups. I changed entire logics to write support details. And that took a lot of time.
However, she let me pass on Oct 8. I remembered I was overwhelmed by satisfaction and hope in my work. Prior to that, I was very desperate and started to question about my ability. My future of completing my degree was shaken. I was afraid that I would not graduate according to my plan (in fact, I’m still behind the schedule.)
This process of writing is not all bad. At the matter of fact, it’s a process of thinking. You train yourself in thinking. You have to solidly, logically formulate your idea. All are linked together from the first paragraph to the last one. In each paragraph, you have to transfer and link your ideas. They must be logically connected. After I read Vandana’s work, I realized that why she pushed us so hard on this. Chapter 1 is very important. By reading it, audience have overall idea what the thesis is about. It’s like you can go through someone’s work, which one took half year in our cases or 4 or 5 years in PhD to complete it, in few pages.
After having finished chapter 1, you’re supposed to be able to be rigid in your thought. You know what you’re going to do. You have paved a way to the finish. You have set all the goal and objectives as your target. When you seem lost just walk towards your setting goal and objectives.
It’s always worth to work hard and enjoy products of your labour. Yet, don’t forget to enjoy your attempts you put along the way before you achieve your goal. Your attempt is more important.


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