The Most Enthusiastic Morning

It happened again this morning. I was supposed to work and finish up writing something on my thesis but I was distracted by something very tempting. I found the source myself so that I couldn’t help myself to find out more.
There are so many things I’d like to write about what just happened this morning.
1. I might find an answer why one journalist in my home country knows a lot about national conspiracy. He must have a good source of news. I found the source myself this morning.
2. Internet is so good about spreading and sharing news and rumors. You have to trust yourself. You never know if they are true or not but all are tempting and ignite your sleeping thoughts on things you may never imagine of.
3. Have the story of Die Hard 4, Live Free or Die Hard, really put something into the point? We are living in a vulnerable society. When many systems involving living our everyday lives are linked and controlled by network computers. When terrorists can crack down and take over the system everything is turned into a chaos. I’m not afraid of terrorists controlling the systems but of living under a condition exposed to danger and we don’t realize it.
4. I just get what cognitive dissonance, that Scott Adams studied, is about. Someone would say this is his experiment on it
More definition could be found here
5. Am I a jerk that I am so superficial about what’s going on around us: the cold war, wars in Iraq, subprime loan products, and so on?
6. I am a jerk that I need to find out all about these things instead of doing my work.

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