Back To You Premiere Launched

I watched Back To You premiere last night, thank to the Internet and information sharing (Fox may not be happy of hearing this). It didn’t get much of my laughs but that’s not it’s not funny but because I had watched gags in the pilot for many times from promo clips.
I still like Kelsey. He tries so hard to be different from Frasier even it’s difficult for Chuck’s character. He has my point for a good try and pleasing result.
I need time to develop my humor on the comedy, the same when I watched Frasier, I didn’t laugh much on the first episode, The Good Son. After few episodes of Frasier, I understood the story more then I got hook on it and began to laughed out loud.
Back To You has smell of Frasier. I think it is because it is from the same team of producers, Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. It plays around language. When you say one thing but actually you mean another thing, it is not leteral meaning. Back to You has that on the pilot when Chuck was reading his comentary on his return to a career in Pittsburgh.
However, on the first episode, I give higher point to The Good Son. It’s well-written, funny, and very moving esp. when Martin called in Frasier’s radio program. Back To You has one similar scene when Chuck called Kelly to talked about her daughter but it’s too flat.
In brief, it hooks me. I really want to know how the story will be developed. Good to see you every Wednesday’s night.

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