Technology, Education, and Learning

Technology has to come with education & learning.
What happened in my last company is not so bad when many problems about the card were reported. Read this excerpt from Dilbert’s blog
"Once armed with your little card, you swipe it on the turnstile. This is a frightening experience because there are at least nine wrong ways to swipe a card in a turnstile. … I was holding the card the right way, and swiping it in the right direction, but as a uniformed guard eventually showed me, there is also something about the speed, trajectory, and possibly your state of mind that is also necessary for the turnstile to accept the card."
You need to know how to use the card to talk to a receptor. And, you may need a small practice. But in my company’s case, customers may need more than that. First of all, patience, it can take longer time for a sell transaction in a month of big and complicated campaigns. Second of all, patience, it can take longer time to wait for one of two cash machines that allow you to pay with smart card. Third of all, patience, it can take longer time for a clerk who is not scared of selling with a new payment method.
I don’t try to say here that the product is not good but what I’m trying to say is to launch one new product, it involves many things and many teams. It can’t succeed by merely having cutting edge technology. You’re supposed to build business and make the technology lucrative. Operation is also a critical factor to the success of introducing a new product. You need to train persons who are gonna use the product and also your customers. It’s supposed to be easy to use, convenient than using existing payment methods.
I just know how much I miss working.

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