Let’s Talk about Someone Above Us

This era a thought of atheism could be more pervassive than ever before. I follow The Dilbert Blog which many times that Scott Adams discussed about being an atheist. He wrote a book called God’s Debris. I haven’t finished it yet but many questions sound convincing and let me question about God and our free will. I’ve also heard a lot about Richard Dawkins, an author of The God Delusion, his latest work. And, today I just read an article on the NewScientist, What Good Is God? Actually, it’s not really about God but religion. Do we need religion for us to be moral? Is the sense of what is right or wrong innate? Those are controversial issues in our society lately. But, one thing in the article and I think it’s a commonsense. It says we tend to not commit a sin when we know someone is watching us. We need religion in this sense. It teaches us that above us there’s God who’s watching you, who knows what you did. And, for things you do, you will be repaid for. So, when you believe in these things, you’re afraid of doing something wrong or cause trobles to people. This could help make the world a better place.
However, in the article it also argues that religion can make us immoral. So, in this era we may need to review role of religion. Do we need it or not?

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