Back To You Premiere

I wrote before that I were waiting for a new TV series coming up this fall on Fox network, Back To You. It has its premiere on Sep 19. I’m jealous my ex-roommate, Farah, she’ll be watching it when it comes out coz she’s in Canada. When I first saw a promo I was curious how Kelsey could paint his character in the new series differently from what he played in Frasier. Those two characters are quite similar: Frasier is a pompious radio psychiatrist, Chuck is an egotistic TV news anchorman. But, recently, I read Kelsey’s opinion on his new role. He said he tried not to repeat Frasier and they are different. Frasier’s got his intelligence from years of practice in Haward and Oxford. He’s been a well-trained, well-educated medical student while Chuck’s intelligence is from his instinct. Frasier always try to do this world some good, while Chuck is trying to do himself some good. To me, I may say the character of Frasier is more loveable but I can’t wait to discover Chuck as well.
BACK TO YOU Premiere 19 September on Fox

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