A Beautiful Moment

Today I had dinner with lovely friends (Mod, Poo, P’Da, & Di) in Kista. After the dinner we watched a movie, Illusionist, recommended by P’Da. It’s a beautiful moment. If I were in Thailand, I wouldn’t have such an experience. We sat on Poo’s bed. The bed is too small for five person but it’s still cosy. We turned off the light, stayed under blanket, watched the movie from Di’s macbook. The feeling of watching a good movie with friends is very awesome.
Actually, similar experience began two weeks ago. I had to go to school, so I stayed and had dinner with them. After that, we moved to Mod’s room and watched a Thai horror movie (ผีคนเป็น) together. It was too scary for me. I’d never watch such thing, if not with them.
I think I’m lucky. And I’m still lucky to know them. I have many good times with them. And, these things will not happen If I’m not here.

One response to “A Beautiful Moment”

  1. Tha says :

    I\’ve watched that horror movie too .. Make me 2 nights of light-on sleep T-T
    I wish I could study aboard as well, I\’m sure there\’re so many experiences waiting for me. Bit jealous (:P) but happy to hear that you have such a great time 

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