Dealing with Death by Handling Change

I just talked to Farah the other days that she’s reading the five people you meet in heaven. So, I’m looking for the book today. It starts with "This is a story about a man named Eddie and it begins at the end, with Eddie dying in the sun. It might seem strange to start a story with an ending. But all endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time."
I stopped at that paragraph. We all know someone trying to make us look at death as a beginning of another life or life after death. We also know most of us don’t like change. That’s why we’re afraid of death. It’s the same reason we don’t want to change; we don’t want to move. Death could be dealt more easily by people who love change and challenge. You don’t know where you are going; you don’t know what’s gonna happen; you don’t know where and how it ends, but you know it’s changing.
Therefore, to teach people how to deal with death, you need to teach them to embrace change. If we can’t refuse it, then we’d better embrace it.

2 responses to “Dealing with Death by Handling Change”

  1. Yifeng says :

    en, it\’s a good reason to explain why people are afraid of death. It\’s the first time for me to hear that death is a kind of change, it\’s quite interesting, and it sounds reasonable 🙂 

  2. Tha says :

    I\’ve been thinking about the cons of death and all I can think is that I\’ll never see the people I love again. I think that it\’s a subset of change.
    I want things to change but I hate big change – -;; 

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