It’s Called a Compliment

The 1st compliment
Melvin: Ok. Now I get a real great compliment for you and it’s true.
Carol: I’m so afraid that you’re about to say something awful.
Melvin: Don’t be pessimestic. It’s not your style. Ok. Here I go. Clearly it was a stake. I’ve got this what… ailment. My doctor, a shrink that I used to go to all the time. He said in 50 or 60 percent of the cases a pill really helps. I hate pills, very dangerous thing, pills, ‘HATE’. I’m using the word ‘HATE’ here about pills ‘HATE’. My compliment is that night when you came over and told me that you never ever…
Carol: Umm
Melvin: Umm. All right, well, you’re there, you don’t wanna hear what you said. Well my compliment to you is the next morning I started taking the pills
Carol: I don’t quite get that’s a compliment for me.
Melvin: You make me wanna be a better man.
The 2nd compliment
Melvin: Hey I’ve got a great compliment for you.
Carol: You know what I don’t wanna
Melvin: Just just just let me, let me talk.
Just… I might be the only person on the face of the earth that know you’re the greatest woman on earth. And I might be the only one who appriciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do and how you are with Spencer Spence. And every single thought that you have and how you say what you mean and how you almost always mean something that’s all about means straight and good. And I… I think most people miss that about you and I watched and wondering how they can watch you bring their food and clear their tables and never get that they just met the greatest woman alive. And the fact that I get it makes me feel good about me. Ahhha. Is that something that’s err bad for you to be around, for you?
Carol: No.
Melvin: I’m gonna grab you, I didn’t mean that to be a question, I’m gonna grab you.
From As Good As It Gets


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