Do We Have a Choice? Which One is Less Worse?

Thailand’s gonna have a referendum on a new constitution this Sunday. This time we have three choices: vote for YES, vote for NO, and NO VOTE meaning that not going out to vote. The last resort means you don’t participate in this political event. However, no choice is good in my view. If you vote for YES, that means you accept in the constitution that less democratic than the 1997 version that it would replace according to Dr. Prinya of Thammasat University’s Law Faculty. In this version people were not involved in drafting it and almost half of all senators would be appointed, not elected. But if you vote for NO, that means you don’t accept in the new one and you prefer the government to bring back one of the previous charters which we haven’t known yet which is that one. So, we can say YES for a certain doom future that someone’s promised that we can amend the constitution later on (most of us know how hard this could be.) or we can say NO for an uncertain future which could be implied as no future in a sight of the pessimistic, or a better future in a sight of the optimistic. However, I heard that some people may go for YES because they’re in deep boredom of unstable politic situation across the country for many months now. Go with the new constitution, we could probably have an election around the end of this year.

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