Another Evidence of a New Hope for the Future

Am I pessimestic or too old to dream for better tomorrow. After months of listening to environmental problems rising around the world, after years of talking to colleagues and living on earth, I somewhat believe the world of tomorrow is worse off. Of course not everyone has the same thought as mine. One is my roommate, Iris, she told me tomorrow perhaps scientists would invent new green technologies that could heal the world. This morning I’m reading one of my favorite blog, The Dilbert Blog, it has confirmed me about the idea. The writer of a letter is only 10-year-old and he told Dilbert
"In the future, a small group of people will be inventing the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow, discovering new cures for diseases, solving global warming, creating great works of literature, and ensuring the safety of the human race. You just met one of them."
Wow, that was so energetic and hopeful thought of a new generation. Perhaps this is a reason why we need a reproduction process. It is a process of new hope.

5 responses to “Another Evidence of a New Hope for the Future”

  1. Ekkasit says :

    Execute me, but please correct me if I wrong. I thinks the paragraph (In the future, …) is wrote by Dibert himself, not the boy.
    BTW, I hardly believe that the boy is ten, seriously.

  2. Dungjit says :

    lo+ .. just dropping by to say hello.. didnt know there was a dilbert blog before.. thanks for that 🙂 

  3. Nattawan says :

     Haha, there\’re lots of skeptical guys like you. I firstly also felt that, the kid was too wise with words, thoughts and such. But, Dilbert insisted that he didn\’t write it himself. You can find his explanation from He said the child was gifted.

  4. Nattawan says :

    One more, if there will be a hope for the future, why not? 😀 

  5. Yifeng says :

    en, I agree.
    There will be a hope if you believe it exists, the same as the true love.

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