The Sopranos

Three straight days with a mafia program, The Sopranos. I finished 3 seasons in 3 days or less, from noon to 4am, just wanna know how it ends. So when I was in the middle of season 4, I decided to watch the finale of The Sopranos; otherwise, my thesis would have gone in crisis due to being behind of schedule. So, I jumped to watch the end of Tony’s but it generated a lot of questions about stories developed before that point. So, I stopped watching the last and resumed my series again. Until at some point, I watched the finale and at the last frame of the series, I shouted out เฮ้ย!!! (it’s an exclamation word in Thai). I checked my player, the movie file if there was anything wrong. I thought a person who recorded the program had stopped a recorder just a second before the story ended. Five seconds later, I realized it ended. Just like that. What’s a big deal? Just another series, and it ended. It’s better to end then I back to work on my thesis.
But, it’s not as easy as that. Regarding my curiosity, there’re more and many more when I googled.
If we just don’t watch the program to entertain ourselves, there are more to talk about it. This is another series that gives lots of good stuff. Oh! and it seems to be coincident that another of my favorite programs has a shrink as one of main characters.
Our perception of gangsters or mob is they are bad guys. They commit crime, run illegitimate business, threaten people, use lots of violence. Those things are not right and Tony does all of them but I don’t hate him and I don’t want him get whacked. But we know where is the end of people like him. The show didn’t show if Tony was killed or not, nobody knows for sure, what we can be sure of is he’d be in a lawsuit and one of his crew’s gonna testify against him. So, whatever he died or not he’s gonna be in trouble soon.
But, I found good remarks about the finale that sounds very convincing,, actually I feel the same about the end result when I was watching it. According to the blog, there are lots more that the director and writer of the show, David Chase put into the show or he didn’t, we don’t know for that, too. He only said, "Anybody who wants to watch it, it’s all there."
There’re lots of alternative endings of the show. There are another two interesting theories.
"Theory No. 1 (and the one I prefer): Chase is using the final scene to place the viewer into Tony’s mindset. This is how he sees the world: every open door, every person walking past him could be coming to kill him, or arrest him, or otherwise harm him or his family. This is his life, even though the paranoia’s rarely justified. We end without knowing what Tony’s looking at because he never knows what’s coming next."
"Theory No. 2: In the scene on the boat in "Soprano Home Movies," repeated again last week, Bobby Bacala suggests that when you get killed, you don’t see it coming. Certainly, our man in the Members Only jacket could have gone to the men’s room to prepare for killing Tony (shades of the first "Godfather"), and the picture and sound cut out because Tony’s life just did. (Or because we, as viewers, got whacked from our life with the show.)"
Now, I think we can use our own creativity to end the show in the way we want. And, it could be another show ended or it could be another show exercising our brain.

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