No Point

When I wrote, I didn’t have any concrete idea or topic, whatsoever. I just wrote down whatever popped in my head. So, don’t try to find what I want to say or convey here. There is no gist, here, not at all, at least not in this piece of writing.
One difficult part of being a grown up person is nobody tells you right or wrong on what you’re doing or thinking. That’s part of growing up; you learn how to do things by yourself. Many times it becomes difficult to make a right decision, but for many grown up persons they are capable of doing the right thing for the situation.
This development process cannot be taught, you have to learn by living your life. You might hear or read many stories from media but you just don’t get it when you’re young as much as you do when you get older. That’s another thing why we should pay respect to your seniors. Every society has a concept of seniority, not only in Asian cultures, but also in western cultures, but we may express it in different way and in different level.
Every man should learn from the past; otherwise, it’s his doom to repeat the same, old, wrong pattern. Learning history doesn’t mean looking for the truth or what exactly happened in the past, but learning how historians or the formers want to communicate to us. It could be true, partly true, or not true at all. With delivered message, plus your own beliefs, you are learning–to believe, to refuse, or to adjust.
This is a legacy in our society, a person without a past or a society without history could not be proud of and completed. It is our existential proof and identity. It tells where we’re from, who we are, and where we’re going to.

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