A Brain and a CPU

Don’t you know that our brain works differently from mechanical brain–so-called a central processing unit (CPU) in the computer. Cognitive science used to use a warehouse view to model a function of human’s memory. But after some experiments, it has changed the notion of human’s memory to a dynamic memory. Human memory is a place in which storing and processing information taking place.
This is another example of how small we are, natural design is much bigger than human’s design even we’re in 21st century. Our design of computer memory and CPU is not as complicated as our memory. To process information, the computer needs to read data from stored memory and move it to be processed in the processing unit. To be able to find such information next time, computer needs indexing system which is very simple comparing to searching techniques used by our brain. Just a second of one small event, it can flash us back to very old memory in childhood. We still don’t understand how it works (or if today’s cognitive science knows, please update me.)

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