It’s the Same

From small to large scale, from software development (SD) to urban development, we always have the same knowledge, the same vision, the same paradigm, the same solution to handle problems.
Just having read a speech given by Gordon Wu, a Hong Kong native, who is a big account in superhighway construction in China. Due to being a student at Princeton University’s engineering school, Wu has a view that China could be developed by learning from a history of America, changes after French revolution, as well as development in Japan after WWII. And, he proved his thought in Hong Kong.
For China to remove an image of promoting equality by having everyone equally poor to a developing country, and to a wealthy country. Wu insisted China needed such infrastructure development as superhighway, power plants and bridges.
As a matter of fact, these are what happened in those three developed countries. And, Wu is like a typical international student who saw beauty in such civilization which had been brought by modern, advanced technology.
He believed those were a best practice of prosperity cultivation. He used a pattern, as we use this term in SD, to solve the same set of problems. He might also have a framework from his years in engineering school.
And, this is also what happened in my country, we encouraged our people to study abroad, now we have a lot of, perhaps, too many overseas grads. Still, we are living in a developing country. A majority of population is suffering from poverty. Living condition is under standard in many of remote areas.
Such pattern and urban development is not a complete solution to remove poverty from the country. It may give you some satisfaction to many of us but it brings new, unpleasant problems to all of us, as well.
Anyway, that’s life, we have to move on, continuousely sovle problems, one after one. As far as, we do everything with good intention, not to harm environment or anyone, not to exploit from the poor.

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