When Cranes Bros Learn to Fix the Engine

Randy: Whoa, whoa!  Remember, uh, spark plugs come out with a simple
         twist-and-pull.  Twist-and-pull.  Give it a try.

Frasier does, pulling hard.  Something snaps.

Randy: OK, uh, that’s called stripping it.
Niles: Good job, Frasier!  Here, let me strip one.
Randy: No, no, stripping it means breaking it.  Uh, watch me.

He takes the wrench and easily pops out a spark plug.

Frasier: So you… twist, and then pull.  You see, I was twisting and
         pulling simultaneously, as per your instructions: "twist-and
Niles: In the future, the phrase "twist, then pull" might help.



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