Life with a Thesis #6: A Message to Myself

In a thesis when you lose focus you lose everything.
If you’re easy to be distracted from surroundings find a quiet place or go to a study room. Stay away from everything that can hold you back from your work. Write down what need to be done, what you’re going to do, what information you’re looking for; put it in a place that can be seen easily. When you feel a little bit slip away from what you’re supposed to do, reread the note. You need to bring yourself back on track. If you feel it’s too much on the study, take a rest, relax, tell yourself how long you need the rest, then forget all the work at front, and enjoy yourself. After that pull yourself together, get back on track, tell yourself, you’ve already rewarded yourself, now you need to pay back, and you can reward yourself again later, maybe plus a bonus. If you still find yourself are being away from your thesis try to stop yourself before you’re successful. And, if you’ve tried every way but you still can’t help yourself, then I hope God bless you.
Endnote: to write a thesis, you have no choice but reading. Precisely, I would say you have no choice without gaining knowledge (assumably, reading is the only way ever-available to you. You not only read in a discipline of your thesis but also other relevant disciplines. It’s much better to read in various branches of disciplines especially when doing research in information systems because most of the time the research addresses business needs which such phenomena can be explained by other disciplines and sometimes theorties and artifacts of IS have their roots in other disciplines.


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