Life with a Thesis #5

It’s so great when I can give an instant response to my supervisor. It means I have learned something from my reading and been prepared. But I feel so bad when I don’t know how to respond or give an unsatisfied answer not only to her but also to myself. I know it’s not necessary to feel bad but I just wanna look excellent all time which is impossible. Huhh really wanna change unhealthy personality of myself. Just finish the ODM spec yesterday and tried to answer many questions to myself; all are general questions that you should be able to answer when you read something; and that’s it, I’ve got the same questions from the supervisor today. That’s why I feel damn good today . But this thing will never end as far as I wanna be excellent or I can’t see myself down; I need to maintain the same quantity and quality of my work or perhaps accelerate it to be better. Why do I keep bullying myself nia? I don’t understand myself jing jing~. Can I just live a simple life, satisfy with simple things, no fame, no wealth? What a pity, little human I am!


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