Life with a Thesis #4

The longer time I spend on doing the thesis the tenser I am. That reminded me a word from an old friend. Any superficial learning is fun but once you begin to delve into the subject more deeply the less fun it becomes.
Finally, I managed to finish the ODM specification today, not all chapters, just the chapters needed. It’d be unquestionable this is a good reading strategy. I can understand by not reading the whole document. It’ll be damn slow and useless to not read only things that can be used at hand. Sometimes I just can’t leave the thought that I may miss something if I don’t read it. Sometimes I just can’t probe those are not information I don’t need. Sometimes, I just can’t draw a whole picture of what the document is talking about. Sometimes I just don’t have any idea to overcome the problem so the simplest way is to read it line by line, again and again, exhausive reading always works; success will belong to the one who tries and tries. Once I see it through I just laugh at myself how stupid I am to spend much time to understand all of these stuff. There are so many times that I have problems with my poor reading. I wanna blame to the level of difficulty of the contents but then again I can’t stop thinking that I’m a part of that.
It’s in June. I should go with full performance. Huhhh! The topic is too difficult or I’m too lazy or I’m inferior of that.
Just a second that it poped in my head "do I feel tense because Hewitt lost the game with Nadal?" Hahahaha wanna put a bullet on my head, "Could it be?!"
Still there are so many things to do with the ODM spec. First of all, figure out how to make use out of the ODM spec. I mean a creative one not just benefits suggested in the document.


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