What Is Real Value to You?

The first absurdity:
You keep your stuff in your collecting box, put it in the attic, never look at it for years until someone collects that old stuff to give it to a charity on a Chistmas’s eve. Then you are mad at that person because one is giving away your emotionally precious thing that you never pick it up and appreciate it for years. Now, that thing seems to be the most important thing in your life.
The second absurdity:
You worth that thing for something that the person giving that thing has told you that it is what you’re seaching for. One day you find out that person lied to you and you don’t see that thing as the thing you have seen it for years anymore. Then you are mad at that person who has made you happy with that illusive belief for years. And, that thing is still that thing.
It is not absurd but absolutely admirable indeed:
Shortly after, you find out that how hard that person tried to get that thing for you even he failed at last and he mimicked that thing. Now, you need to keep that thing to death.
Adapted from Everybody Loves Raymond – The Ball

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