Life with a Thesis #2

It’s the second day of the week and I still haven’t gone anywhere but chapter 10 of the ODM specification. "Ten" it sounds a bit far, doesn’t it? No, it’s not far at all. It could be the very first chapter of contents in such spec. My situation with this spec is too stagnant; I have to distract myself from it a bit and back to it few days later. Otherwise, I won’t go anywhere.
New reading assignment has been assigned today; a survey on a couple of ontology engineeing tools is highly required; a few of milestones have been defined; some burdens have been replaced with new burdens (I still can count this to the progress). Short conversation with the supervisor reminded me that my listening needing more practice.
Today, I didn’t really stay with the plan. I found a couple of papers from the Semantic Technology Conference 2007. So, I ordered them, printed them out, and read them. Ohh!, I read chapter 1 of The Blind Watchmaker, too. Irronically enough, because I got bored with reading activity regarding the thesis, I relaxed by reading the book far too heavy, non-fiction about "how the complicated thing came into existence in the first place." After chapter 1, I got a bit sense of what the book was about and something that Darwin (I think it’s Charles Darwin) had found was what the author tried to relate to. In chapter 1, if I don’t get all wrong, it talked about concepts to distinguish simple things explained physics and complicated things explained in biology. I maybe write about this book later if I can finish and digest it.
Back to the thesis, I’m in a period of defining my thesis. It’s clearer as time goes by. Some perspectives about Semantic Web technologies had been set. Yet, there are a lot to explore. Some old, rusty knowledges and skills esp. programming highly need to be refreshed. Oh! and speed reading with comprehension is really demanded this time. Justifying skill needs to be practice. Some daily routine needs to be changed and put my mind on studying instead.
That’s it for today. And, hopefully, I could finish two documents of SWOOP tonight.


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