Life with a Thesis #1

The period of doing a thesis is just around the corner. I will officially start doing it this fall after I get registered to the system. I just finished writing an entire plan for my thesis yesterday. It seems I was too positive about the plan. I’ve already felt a little bit tense regarding the plan because I’m striving with reading one of documents that I’m supposed to read this week. It’s been taking me for many days and I still don’t go anywhere. I spent time in a room all day, just sitting in front of my computer screen, staring at it. Of course, I didn’t work on my thesis all of the time. I switched to do many things perhaps most of the time on things entertaining myself (hey don’t read it out loud.) Sometimes, we need to relax in a stressful day, don’t we?
Anyway, I believe I had some sort of progress in the first week. In fact, it’s just last week. I read and summarized two papers even though it took me longer than it should have been. I had accomplished new experience anyway. And I will do a lot more in the coming 6 months. I will try to note what’s going on in the period of doing the thesis. It’s gonna be lots of fun and totally different experience for me. And I wanna remember when I look back when everything is done.
Actually, this is not what is just happening to me. Nothing seems to be easy in the beginning. It’s like when I had got new literature for a new study term, I was always exciting to explore what was inside the books. Ohh! Woo! Yaggg! what are those things? An alien language? what are those mathematic equations? It’s the first term of algebra. At the end of the term, I’d got an A. How could I have not understood it before?
Human’s brain is an amazing organ. I can read an article, have no idea what it’s about, then go to bed, wake up in the morning and have different view on the article I read last night. It takes some time to organize and digest new knowledge by our brain. I hope this time it will take very short time to digest this ODM specification; otherwise, I’ll be in trouble.


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