My Daemon

Help me find my true self by answering 5 questions. Many Thanks.


5 responses to “My Daemon”

  1. Nattawan says :

    How come, first a lovely and witty cat, then turned to a white mongoose, then a ordinary black cat, shortly after turned to a hare. Now what\’s next?

  2. Nattawan says :

    Oh, now it transfigured to the original form. Hehe, I like this one. Very witty.

  3. Nattawan says :

    Arghhhhhh!!!! My daemon became a hamster. Maybe hamster is too cute; it\’s a rat. Anybody helps change it back to a lynx. 

  4. palm says :

    i got a moth la…. ei ei … thanks for sharing ja…

  5. Nattawan says :

    My goodness! It was transformed 23 times in less then 2 days. Is my personality so hard to be understandable? As a metter of fact, I don\’t even know myself from time to time.

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