13 May 2007

I just asked myself if I was being happy or not. Yes, I was. But if someone asked me to move here my answer would be I’d rather not. Why is my happiness so complicated? I am happy here but I don’t want to stay here any longer than one year and a half which is equal to the length of the program. Perhaps it is too lonely. There is nobody to share pleasant time with. Actually, for ‘nobody’ I only mean specific persons. Can we be happy alone? Is that the reason we choose to live in one community but not in others? And if my feeling changes that means I won’t return to Thailand.


One response to “13 May 2007”

  1. vincent says :

    hello, my teacup ID is not me anymore. Hope u dun listen rubbish. Why i dun return to Thailand ??? Your boy friend coming ?

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