Background of My Space Signature

Finally, I found a good explanation of my space signature, "supernova." It’s a misnomer to pick up this word in the first place. I saw pictures of supernovae. I felt they’re beautiful: bright and colorful. And, I thought the word meant a new born star. But, it doesn’t. Supernova is one of many phases of stars towards death and perhaps rebirth.
Do you know how a star die? It burns itself, exhausts its supply till the core collapses under its own gravity. Over its billion-year lifespan, it will ignite, explode and collapse for several times varying on its size. For the Sun, it won’t create a supernova after it runs out of supply. But for a star a few times larger than the Sun runs out of fuel; a massive shock wave radiates throughout the whole star. Then it explodes as a supernova and leave behind a rapidly spinning neutron star. But for a star 20 times as big as the Sun, it won’t stop after the huge collapse and spectacular explosion. Such star will form a so-called monster of the universe, black hole, which may be fundamental to the creation of galaxies.

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