6 Days 6 Nights in Paris Part IV – A Road to Notre-Dame


Notre-Dame was my first destination in Paris. When I came out of the metro it was showering, chill, and cloudy. It was early in the morning of March 18. Today it had a Sunday church service. In fact, in this trip, I vistied Notre-Dame three times. At the last time I climbed up the tower. It’s worth to fit your body and climb up there. It’s very beautiful even though you have seen a lot of photos from Notre-Dame on the Internet. I stopped several times on stairs. I met two Japanese girl tourists; they stopped, either. It’s like you’re practicing fire escape to a higher place instead of toward the ground. From the tower, you see nice scenic view of Ile the la Cite, Ile de St. Louis, Tour Eiffel, and Sacre cour.


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