Moving to Vastra Skogen

I moved to Vastra Skogen a week ago. Life in new place is new and fresh. I gained excitement of changing to new environment again. Life is constantly dynamic. It travels through time, places and people. Iris and I are good classmates, teammates, and now roommates. When we moved in on the first day, we enjoyed arranging our stuff, laying out furniture in the room to gain as much as space as we can, unpacking things, deviding space, sharing stuff, and cleaning room; finally slept restfully in our new beds. Before that I didn’t want to move. I just don’t like moving, packing & unpacking stuff. Naturally, I like to collect things that’s why I don’t want to move. However, it turned out good. I totally forgot the feeling of changing. When you have unexpecting things waiting for you: new environment, new faces, new story, new life. The new room is much smaller, each of us has less personal space, we have to share kitchen with others living in the same corridor, but I feel more comfortable, liberal, relax, and fresh in new place. I know I prefer private kitchen than common kitchen, but now I can have only common kitchen, I have no choice. So, it’s not necessary what my preference is, but it’s necessary that I enjoy cooking in common kitchen. And, I know I will .

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