6 Days 6 Nights in Paris Part III – Art Appreciation

I must say that this trip taught me how to appreciate art, which I never understood before. It could be because of atmosphere, environment, people, whatsoever that made me get into it. I reserved one full day at Louvre and I could finish only about half of the exhibition rooms. If you ask me about quality of work or artists, I still have no idea about them. Actually, most of the time I enjoyed at Louvre was taking photos of scultures. There are a lot of sculture works and they’re beautiful, the gestures, the feeling expressed in the faces of the sculptures, the feeling of life but actually they don’t have, they’re marble. Most importantly, my feeling when consuming those works, I felt liberal and time just flew away. My head thouhgt about nothing else. I only focused on what in front of my eyes. I like that feeling; everyone’s there but nobody’s there. This feeling happened to me again when I was in Museum d’Orsay, I spent four hours just to enjoy paintings of Monet, Van Gogh, Sisley and more of impressionism artists. Likewise, I don’t know meaning of the paintings, I don’t know what the artists intended to express in their works, but I felt happy and peachful when looking at them. Especially, paintings in the open air room, when I looked at those paintings, I felt I was looking into the sky, the boundaryless frontier. I imaginally saw myself stand on the beach where there was no high buildings, only the sea, sand, and the sky. I like the painting named Paysage de neige, dit aussi, Le grand hiver 1904 of Cuno Amiet most. The painting has only one man playing ski in the great plain area. Objects in the painting are covered by snow. It’s as simple as that but when I looked at it my mind was uncaptured.
I never had a chance to experience these things in Thailand. If I were a Parisian I might take them for granted. Opportunity is good yet when we recieve it, then we want it, we have to try harder to have it, actually we don’t need it. Before we learn to know it we don’t even know it exists but once we know it we are just too pathetic to not let it go and experience it.

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