Goodbye Kista Allevag

Gosh! It has been 7 months in this room. I’m probably spending last night here. Tomorrow’s night I’m possibly sleeping under a new roof in Vastraskogen. Until now, I haven’t had a bed. I picked up a mattress from the storeroom, precisely, the garbage room. If I were in my home country this could not possibly happen to me. But, we do this sort of thing when we’re away from home. In fact, asian students here do. We’d rather not spend money in this sort of thing but in travelling. I have a plan to do my shopping in IKEA next week. Let see what I will buy in to the new room, maybe nothing. Living here teach me about what we need and what we want. I can absolutely distinguish them. Ironically, things seem to be unnecessary for living when I was in Thailand become deadly necessary like a doll, some pictures, the Internet, a computer. Those are things that I must have. Living in a new place with totally different environment can reveal value has been taken for granted for years.
Tonight I’m going to linger on in my bed, watch my favorite show, leave unfinished stuff behind and sleep tight.
Tomorrow, new room, new environment, new roommate, new experience, new day, new trouble I’m thankful that I will wake up tomorrow and have a lot of new stuff.

One response to “Goodbye Kista Allevag”

  1. Jia says :

    I think this is the feeling of "do not settle here", that\’s why we only buy things that we really need, such as food. That\’s why we always think that our home is so sweet.
    But actually, you can buy something second hand, and sell them when you leave^_^
    I wish you have a nice life in your new enviornment.

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