6 Days 6 Nights in Paris Part II – Friends

On the trip I met five people who stayed in the same room as me. It’s a three-bed room. It changed people who slept there almost every day. One of them I never saw her face and I never will. When I was back to the hostel she didn’t come back yet, when I was out in the morning she was still in her bed. One we had a little chitchat every day, a little in the morning and a little at night, we had breakfast together once, she was very nice. After we’re back to the room, we exchanged a fascinating story to each other, but we never asked for each other’s names and we never will. Oh, she was Japanese, she traveled before she would enter job market after her graduation. Then another girl moved in, we talked to get to know each other a bit, it’s just another night with another one living on the same planet. She was Shanghai girl and was studying in Munich. When I came back on next day, she had left the room, we didn’t even say goodbye. The same day when I was back I met a new roommate. This time everything was different, we could know that in just first few sentences of conversations. Were we the same type of person? Once we met we talked up for an hour. We still needed to continue our conversations some later times. She said we must have found time to have breakfast together. I really enjoyed talking with her. She’s Taiwanese and studying about architecture in England. She came to France to see modern architecture in many areas around Paris. This was her second trip in France and maybe her last time before she came back to Taiwan. She showed me places to go, which things I should have looked for. On my last day, we took some photos of us, we exchanged msn id, we would keep in touch, and we’re friends. The day after the Taiwanese girl moved in, another girl living in the north of Spain moved in, she couldn’t speak much of English so that we couldn’t communicate much, and it was not much impressive when we first met. It’s because I was rejected my liberty to have a sandwich in the room. Actually, it’s fair enough that she didn’t need me to eat inside the room at least for the nights that she stayed.
There must be something among people like us. For some we are acquaintances; for some we become friends after a while; for some we are friends suddenly; for some we want to end conversions right there; for some we can have conversations with some other times; for some we want to continue conversations again and again. If you have only few friends, don’t think that you’re odd. You’re just not their types. When you find the same type of person you’re meant to be together and get connected swiftly.

One response to “6 Days 6 Nights in Paris Part II – Friends”

  1. Jia says :

    Interesting…only people you met during the trip? I expect the third part^^

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