6 Days 6 Nights in Paris Part I – Arrival

A terriffic journey to one of the most romantic countries began on Mar 17, 2007. Because I chose to pay less, I spent more time on airport coach and airplane. The plane landed in Bauvais, a remote airport, 1 hour away from Paris. First destination after I got off the coach, the Porte Maillot metro station. Gosh!!! Where was it? What did it look like? Why I didn’t see "M" from anywhere? It’s dark and cold and I began to thrill a little bit. So I walked, walked and walked, my concept was at least follow the crowd, try not stay alone in a dark part in an unfamiliar city, but wait where were they heading to ? Finally, I arrived the metro by a help of a lady; all directions were given in French . It seemed travelling by metro inside Paris didn’t cause me any trouble at all, on the other hand, I found it rather exciting like I was following a map leading to a treasure chest.

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