[Frasier] Frasier Grinch

The more I watch it, the more I find that how beautiful and sophisticated scripts of Frasier’s are. So, there is another episode that I enjoy.
One caller called in to Frasier’s show and told his problem with getting on the plane. He had to travel 3000 miles every year to spend time at the dinner table with his family and just to talk about the "turkey." Here is advice given by Dr. Frasier Crane.
Frasier: "Oh boy, that’s moist.  You must have been basting that bird
         all day."
    Roz: "Are those walnuts in the stuffing?"
Frasier: "Oh god, I forgot to put the rolls in the oven."  I guess
         what I’m trying to say, Bob, is that we’re all in the same
         gravy boat.  But you see, the important thing is that we
         spend time with our loved ones.  Just think how you’d feel
         if you woke up tomorrow morning six thousand miles away from
         your home.
If you aware only results that your brain processes sensory information, then you may not see the happy reason of flying 3000 miles. Many of us have a simplistic analysis about situations in front of us and forget to examine below the surface. If you’re in trouble, sometimes talking to others like friends, co-workers, or family, they can borrow you their pair of sharp eyes. Look into the same situation but percieve a different picture. Talk to others, open your mind, and listen to them, like Bob did, then you may see your situation is improving.
    Bob: Well, I tell ya, that really puts it in perspective, doc. 
         I got a plane to catch.
Well, that’s all about setting up a right attitude on your problems, isn’t it?


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