Why “OWL” not “WOL”?

It was my curiosity in a small, trivial detail of one subject that I was studying in period 2. I wondered it was called Web Ontology Language a.k.a. OWL in short. I asked to my friend while we were discussing about semantic web technologies. He said who cared where a short name came from, like HTML we only called it HTML without noticing it was short for Hyter Text Markup Langauge.
Today, I knew, I just came across these trivial data of OWL.
"Some urban legends…
        reference to Owl from Winnie the Pooh, who misspelled his name as ‘WOL’
A reference to an AI project
        at MIT of the mid 70’s by Bill Martin, called ‘One World Language…’
              an early attempt for a KR language and associated ontology, intended to be a universal language for encoding meaning for computers
‘Why not be inconsistent in at least one aspect of a language which is all about consistency’ (Guus Schreiber)"

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